· July, 2006

Stories about Uganda from July, 2006

Uganda: Death of detainee

  26 July 2006

Human Rights Watch calls on the Ugandan government to investigate the alleged torture and electrocution of a security detainee in a government “safe house” in Kampala on May 4.

French-Speaking Bloggers on Rabat Conference on Migration

What Will the Conference Bring? Says France-based African blogger Le Pangolin, Du 10 au 11 juillet 2006, s'est tenue à Rabat au Maroc, la première rencontre interministérielle euro-africaine sur les problèmes des migrations entre ces deux continents.Elle a regroupé 57 pays africains et européens et certaines organisations humanitaires qui se...

Voices from Zimbabwe and the Great Lakes

  18 July 2006

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's blogosphere has virtually been deflated by threats of new legislation allowing government to surreptitiously spy on people's cyber activities. Their numerous voices have been silenced leaving a marked void in the chronicling of the one the world's worst crises. Please keep this troubled nation's valiant bloggers in your...

Uganda: Music downloads

  13 July 2006

White African and Timbuktu Chronicles both report on the first company in Uganda to offer music downloads, True African. But it doesn't want to stay just doing that. Once more, writes the former, mobile micro-credit for micro-enterprise is emerging as a hot topic among the continent's digerati.

Uganda: Don't Sleep

  11 July 2006

Uganda-CAN links to the Web site of “Don't Sleep!”, a new campaign to involve African-Americans and the Hip Hop generation in the plight of Uganda's night-commuter children.

Uganda: Who is afraid of peace?

  11 July 2006

On the occasion of the Sudan-mediated talks aimed at bringing peace to northern Uganda, Ngomrom says any settlement should be seen as an opportunity to introduce a democratic system in the country.

Uganda: LRA public relations

  7 July 2006

We have become accustomed to seeing the government and the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) as equally to blame for the continuing violence in Uganda, says Ngomrom, going on to paint a a picture more from the LRA's less-reported point of view.

Africa: Lessons Learned from Mittal Steel

  5 July 2006

Lessons drawn by Le Pangolin from the recent acquisition by Indian-owned steel company Mittal Steel of European-owned Arcelor (Fr): ” Economic actors of developing countries can really change the world if they are so inclined. (…) The West is not invincible.”

Uganda: Entebbe jet video

  5 July 2006

Video Journalist Africa shoots some video of an ancient-looking jet aircraft at Uganda's Entebbe Airport, which local people say is the Air France jet whose hijacking prompted the Israeli military raid and rescue operation there 30 years ago. But the tailplane appears to bear the faded letters: “Brit…”

Uganda: Amnesty for Kony?

  5 July 2006

Yebo Gogo is ambivalent about the offer of amnesty being made to Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, who has already reported him to the International Criminal Court, which has issued an arrest warrant. But, writes Fontaine, it would be hard to dismiss such an...

Africa: Is Homosexuality a Religion?

  2 July 2006

France-based Togolese Blogger Kangni Alem reflected on homosexuality in Africa recently. Namely, he tackled claims by some on the continent that homosexuality is a heretic religion. In the process, he mentioned recent “outings” of public figures. A debate ensued that involved Martinique's lesbian blogger Le Blog de [Moi] who'd read...