· December, 2010

Stories about Uganda from December, 2010

Uganda: Why I am not my tribe

  30 December 2010

UgandanInsoniac explains why she is not her tribe: “They say I am trying to be a mzungu by asserting that I have no tribe. They accuse me of denying my heritage and have called me pretentious, arrogant and stupid. Some have even gone as far as to say I am...

Africa: MDGTagger available in Swahili

  30 December 2010

MDGTagger, a simple tool to help people track Millennium Development Goals is now available in Swahili: “After quite a bit of searching we found an ‘official’ translation of the the Millennium Development Goals translated into Kiswahilli here. So we now have the MDGTagger available to Swahili speakers!”

Uganda: On 10 Most Influential Persons in Uganda

  28 December 2010

David Bahati, a Member of Parliament in Uganda who presented the Anti- Homosexual Bill, which would classify “aggravated homosexuality” as a capital offence is one of The Ten Most Influential Persons in Uganda in 2010.

Africa: Corrective rape testimonies from around Africa

  17 December 2010

Rose highlights corrective rape testimonies from around Africa: “it’s really important to point out how the increasing incidences of violence against gay people in Africa include the grotesque practice of corrective rape, where women are raped, and in some cases, infected with HIV and/or made pregnant.”

Africa: ICT terms in African languages available online

  10 December 2010

ANLoc partners have completed work on 2500 Information and Communications Technology terms, with a particular eye to software localization, for the following languages: Akan, Amharic, Arabic, French, Kinyarwanda, Lingala, Luganda, Songhay, Yoruba, and Zulu.

Uganda: My Country, My Death, My Destiny

  9 December 2010

Ugandan blogger Tumwikuje writes My Country, My Death, My Destiny: “The conflict I have about my country and my people, our being, our fate, our resurrection and our death is so overwhelming that I am paralyzed by fear, but running on desire.”

Africa: One brain drain phenomenon you haven't heard of

  8 December 2010

One brain drain phenomenon you haven’t heard of: “As it turns out, both in Kenya and Tanzania, flight controllers seem to be leaving the country for other regions and airlines. For various monetary reasons, the numbers of controllers have not been increased for quite a while.”

Uganda: Making sense of proposed media laws

  8 December 2010

Moses Sserwanga tries to make sense of proposed media laws in Uganda: “The government is proposing a new regime of laws in amendments to the existing media laws- that will add more restrictions to the already delicate media environment in Uganda.”

Uganda: Why do i fight wars about my sexuality?

  4 December 2010

Gay Ugandan explains why he fights wars about his sexuality: “So, why do I fight the wars about my sexuality? No worthier causes? [Well, my life might depend on it, life and liberty. But, I am a chameleone. I do not have to fight. I can blend in and hide...

Uganda: Breasts and election campaigns

  3 December 2010

Another glaring omission from the ongoing presidential and parliamentary campaigns in Uganda: Breasts: “Four years later, there is no legal requirement for either the public or private sector to allow nursing mothers to leave work during the day to breastfeed their children. I won’t even go into the option of...

Uganda: Uganda deserves a new leader in 2011

  3 December 2010

Why does Uganda need a new leader in 2011?: “One major and simple reason why the time for new leadership in Uganda is well overdue is because, no single leader, however brilliant or powerful he may be, has all the answers to solving the most intractible problems of a modern...