· January, 2007

Stories about Uganda from January, 2007

Africa: plight of being a homosexual

  29 January 2007

An incident at the World Social Forum illustrates the plight of being a homosexual in Africa, “The organisers threw her piece on the floor and refused to allow her to speak. Kasha stood her ground saying she, like everyone else, had a right to speak here at the WSF. Despite...

Uganda: the importance of blogging in Africa

  25 January 2007

Jackfruity writes about the importance of blogging in Africa, “My thoughts on the impact of blogging in Africa? Many of the blogs that do exist are shaping the way people think and contributing to major debates in their countries — just look at Sub-Saharan African Roundtable or Weichegud. The reason...

Uganda: bloggers meetup

  21 January 2007

Jackfruity writes about the Ugandan Bloggers Happy Hour, “The topics of conversation at Thursday night's Inaugural Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour ranged from cell phones to Alice Lakwena to the transvestitical possibilities of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The Jabberwocky was recited, blogging addictions were confessed, heaven was declared to be just like...

Uganda: Ugandan Blogger Happy Hour

  4 January 2007

In An African Minute announces the 1st Ugandan Blogger Happy Hour, “The development of blogging communities has a tradition in East Africa, with the Kenyan Blog Webring and the Tanzanian Blogger's Virtual Conference. I think the Ugandan blogosphere has huge potential for 2007, so this informal gathering is the start...