· June, 2008

Stories about Uganda from June, 2008

Africa: Technology events in Africa

  16 June 2008

A list of technology events taking place in Africa from White Africa: “I’m starting to compile a list of interesting technology events happening around the continent. If this ends up being useful, I’ll create a page to keep it updated. Let me know if you like it, or if there...

Uganda: Media crackdown

  11 June 2008

Moses Paul writes about media crackdown in Uganda: “Government has set up a special ministerial taskforce in what appears another move by the state to muzzle the media. This is not the first time hardline elements in President Museveni’s government have mooted unconstitutional machinations to clamp down on the independent...

Uganda: Media strategy is totally wrong

  10 June 2008

Moses Paul criticizes Ugandan government media strategy : “?Govt got its media strategy totally wrong. Government has heightened its preparedness to clamp down on the independent media. President Museveni’s attack on Daily Monitor in his State of the Nation address last week was a clear signal that government was not...

Uganda: Frustrated with Joseph Kony

  6 June 2008

John Boonstra blogs about peace and security in Northern Uganda: “Frustrated with notorious rebel leader Joseph Kony's persistent failure to make good on his promise to sign a peace deal, the Ugandan government, along with those of Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, two of the other countries that...

Blogger of the Week: Rebekah Heacock

  1 June 2008

Global Voices author for Uganda, Rebekah Heacock spent two weeks in the capital city Kampala back in 2006, and decided that she needed to return for a longer period of time. When she did, she also began to blog and it played a large role in her time abroad, "Blogging in Uganda grounded me in a way that few other things did. It was a familiar act that took place in an unfamiliar world, and it was a way for me to process what I was seeing and how I was living."