· November, 2006

Stories about Uganda from November, 2006

On Blogging Conflict Regions

  29 November 2006

Ethan Zuckerman, one of the founders of Global Voices, once said in an interview that to care about a far away place that gets little media attention requires empathy. Empathy for a place can come through from having close friends who grew there, or by traveling there yourself. Sometimes, it...

Africa: LGBTs issues in Africa

  29 November 2006

Black Looks writes about current development in LGBTs issues in Africa, “The Kenyan Times published an article in support of the South African Bill and states that it does not believe that homsexuality is “unAfrican” which in itself is quite a leap forward as that is one of the principle...

Uganda Update: peace talks, reconciliation, and a frustrated president

  10 November 2006

It's been an excellent week for big news and sharp writing in Uganda. The peace talks in Juba continue to dominate the agenda. Last week, a renewed ceasefire gave LRA rebels until Dec. 1 to assemble at the two meeting points in Southern Sudan. The Government lead at the talks,...

Uganda: living on the edge

  8 November 2006

Living on the edge of the earth: “Northern Uganda has been at the centre of one of the most brutal conflicts in Africa. For the last twenty years, the Ugandan government has been battling a notoriously brutal rebel force called the Lord’s Resistance Army.”

Africa: taking orphans to the West

  3 November 2006

Jackfruity writes, “It's a horrifically crass thing to joke about, but here at Jackfruity we're all about crassness (not to mention ending clauses with dangling prepositions), so I'll go ahead and say it: if I had 100 shillings for every time I've been asked to take a Ugandan child back...