· August, 2008

Stories about Uganda from August, 2008

Madagascar: Barcamp set to foster ICT collaboration.

  29 August 2008

The date for the first Barcamp in Madagascar is set for October, 4th 2008 in Antananarivo. The user-generated unconference will follow in the steps of previous Barcamps organized in sub Saharan Africa (Nairobi, Kampala and Mauritius) . Other Barcamps related to ICT in Africa are also planned in Abidjan and Silicon...

Uganda: R.I.P kampala.ver

  13 August 2008

R.I.P kampala.ver blog: “…kampala.ver has died an untimely and sudden death and joins ranks with all those millions of deaf blogs out there.”

Uganda: On Looking Whiter

  12 August 2008

Tumwijuke of Ugandan Insomniac discusses skin tone issues in Africa after seeing a cosmetic commercial in which Beyonce's skin looks digitally whitened, wondering “Why are our supermarkets filled with cosmetics from Johnson and Johnson that promise to brighten your color and return you to the fairness of your youth?” And...

Uganda: Olympic Presence

  12 August 2008

Jeremy Goldberg of Millennial Challenge gives an overview of Uganda's Olympic medal history and comments on the Ugandan Olympic team in Beijing, comprised of 12 athletes.

Uganda: Government must rethink the Land Bill

  12 August 2008

Moses discusses the controversial Land Bill in Uganda noting that “the Bill in its present form is dangerously pitting landlords against tenants in a political confrontation that will register no winners.”

Environment: Oil Prospecting in Uganda

  6 August 2008

Omar of Safarinotes looks at Uganda's quest for Oil, saying “Environmentally, while prospecting for oil, Uganda has to take great care in protecting its other great natural resources: water, land and wildlife. The oil industry has been known to be one of the most merciless and damaging to the environment.”