· October, 2007

Stories about Uganda from October, 2007

Africa: Is China annexing Africa?

  25 October 2007

Is China annexing Africa?:”The latest project to hit the headlines is a $5 billion offer from the Chinese government to fund roads, railways, hospitals and clinics in the African Congo. Elsewhere, China is already “the biggest investor in the Sudan,” says the Seattle Times. In Freetown, the capital of Sierra...

Africa: Coming to a donation box near you

  22 October 2007

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman writes takes a critical look at Western philantrophy in Africa: “I am intrigued by the recent proliferation of web-based giving and I have been keeping a curious eye on sites such as Kiva.org and Heifer International, in an attempt to understand what is going...

Uganda: What Press Freedom?

  22 October 2007

Uganda Scarlett Lion discusses Press Freedom in Uganda: “While it appears that Uganda has improved in Press Freedom Rankings from 116 to 96 (a big jump), things are without problems in the Ugandan media.”

Uganda: Poverty and Paris Hilton

  22 October 2007

Wednesday's Public Poverty Forum in Kampala had one blogger, Tumwijukue, asking, “Did they (re)define poverty? Did they speak of poverty of the mind? Or did they merely use the event as a networking opportunity and an excuse to miss work for the day, rushing to the organizer's table at the end of the forum for the Ushs. 50,000 delegates' allowance?”

Uganda: Is Uganda the land of plenty?

  16 October 2007

Basawad asks whether Uganda is the land of plenty: “Uganda is indeed the land of plenty of food and water. I write this, with Uganda that was in the 60s and 70s – in mind. Growing up in Uganda then, I never knew what hunger was, till the age of...

Africa: Telecommunications harmonisation

  15 October 2007

Rebecca Wanjiku writes about the debate around harmonisation of the telecommunication sector within East Africa: “Harmonisation is crucial to this process. Harmonisation does not necessarily mean that arrangements in all three countries must be the same, but that they must work together in a way which promotes cooperation and cross-border...

Uganda: Let us live in peace campaign

  11 October 2007

“SMUG (Sexual minorities of Uganda) have closed the “Let us live in peace campaign”. The campaign began 45 days ago with 8 members of the LGBTI community sharing their experiences at a press conference in Kampala,” reports Sokari Ekine.

Uganda: Watch the Ugandan Blogumentary

  11 October 2007

A documentary about blogging in Uganda is now online: “We just found out that the movie is out on the internet – http://www.ms.dk/sw83664.asp So if you haven't watched it yet, you can do it here!”

Uganda: Of Cons, Cars And Losing a Job Because Of a Blog

  11 October 2007

This week, Ugandan Insomniac poses an always pressing question that sets the tone for much discourse, "Why are millions of Ugandans still living in abject poverty when an increasing number of people in the country can afford a brand new set of wheels and personalized number plates every year?"

Blogger Flees Uganda After Threats

  9 October 2007

Controversial Uganda blogger, Dennis Matanda caused a stir last month with a post on his blog under the title “How to Be Dead.” The post chronicled the radio show, ensuing threats and frightening act of vandalism leading up to his flight from Uganda, a decision met with a mixture of support, bemusement and skepticism by his fellow blogren.

Bloggers’ Notes From Web2forDev Conference

  2 October 2007

Web2forDev is the first conference on participatory web for rural development, which took place from 25-27 September 2007 in Rome, Italy. Bloggers who were covering the event included African journalists who were blogging both in English and French at the Web2forDev blog.