· January, 2008

Stories about Uganda from January, 2008

Citizen Uganda: Smart and very, very pretty

  30 January 2008

Citizen Uganda is the best new online source of information about Uganda, and it's also very, very pretty. To scroll down the main page of Citizen Uganda is to indulge in a visual symphony: carefully selected photos align harmoniously with well-crafted blocks of text. Thick lines in complementary colors separate commentary from current events.

Uganda: Blogging for architecture

  23 January 2008

Citizen Uganda writes about a blogger who focuses on architecture in Kampala: “If you have never been to Kampala let me spare you the suspense; it is a poorly planned city and there is little to see in the way of architecture. The good news though is that there is...

Uganda: Fuel hunt

  4 January 2008

Kampala.ver reports from Uganda: “Compared to Kenyans who are dying in their hundreds, the price Ugandans are paying for a rigged election in their neighbouring country is rather low: USh 8,000 for a litre of petrol.”