· February, 2008

Stories about Uganda from February, 2008

Sudan/Uganda: African Rebels on YouTube

  19 February 2008

Chris Blattman writes about African rebels on YouTube: “YouTube is turning into a surprising source of archival videos on rebels and rebel leaders. Tim Allen, a friend and anthropologist at LSE, shares with me his collection of links to short films and reports on the wars in Sudan and Uganda.”

Uganda: Bloggers tangle with mainstream media

  19 February 2008

The blogren had their collective eye on Uganda's mainstream media this week. One blogger "treads where the brave dare not go" by posting photos from a tragedy near the capital, while another criticizes the government paper for its seeming support of rapists.

Uganda: Green Kampala?

  13 February 2008

Kampala.ver asks, Green Kampala?: “Leonie Rhode is a German Landscape Architect and Environmental Planner whose Masters Thesis is a study about Kampala’s green areas (or whatever is left of it). She spent quite some time over here researching the matter and was smart enough to keep her video camera running…”

East Africa: Stay away from falling coconuts

  5 February 2008

Pernille writes about the dangers of falling coconuts in East Africa: “In East Africa people do die in relatively significant numbers each year from falling coconuts hitting them on the head. Coconuts can weigh up to four kilos and may fall 25 meters with an impact velocity of 80 km/h...