· March, 2007

Stories about Uganda from March, 2007

Africa: we should all wear sacks and cover ourselves in ash

  28 March 2007

A thought provoking piece by Dennis Matanda at the Sub-Saharan Africa Roundtable, Africans: A race that got lost a long time ago: “And in response to Koluki’s www.africanpath.com’s article on ‘Are We Losing the Plot?’ my answer is a resounding YES. I will even dare to go further by saying...

Uganda: 2006 Best of Blog Awards

  26 March 2007

Jackfruity announces the winners of the 2006 Uganda Best of Blog Awards: The goal of the 2006 Uganda Best of Blog Awards was to recognize the incredible writing and art in this community, and all of our nominees are certainly emblematic of the talent that exists in the Ugandan blogosphere....

Uganda: Why didn't Ugandan bloggers write about the nation's biggest story?

  22 March 2007

The Ugandan blogosphere was silent on the country's biggest story over the last few weeks. On March 5th, the Ugandan judges and lawyers went on strike after presidential security agents raided the High Court to re-arrest six treason suspects who had been granted bail. The suspects were accused of representing...

Africa: Blogging business, investment, and entrepreneurship

  16 March 2007

In our first post on Africa's business bloggers we introduced you to the Africa bloggers focusing on business. In this second post, we are only going to focus on a few blogs. Apart writing about fashion and entertainment, J Kofi Annan explores such general business topics as corporate exectutives and...

Africa: International Women's Day

  9 March 2007

Sokari writes about African women bloggers celebrating International Women's Day 2007, “There are probably hundreds of blogs by African women on the continent and in the Diaspora so selecting this list was not an easy task. The ones mentioned here are because they are consistent, have been around for over...

Africa: desperate call for recolonization

  1 March 2007

Dennis Matanda writes his last desperate call for the recolonization of Africa, “Look across the African continent today and see who is being villainous. I can, from over my shoulder, look down at Zimbabwe and see their octogenarian President, Mugabe going for another term and gluing himself to the seat...