· April, 2007

Stories about Uganda from April, 2007

Uganda: 4th Ugandan Bloggers’ Happy Hour

  30 April 2007

Pernille blogs about the 4th Ugandan Bloggers’ Happy Hour: “It is an interesting phenomenon – this Ugandan Bloggers Happy Hour. In how many African capitols do people get together for a few hours on the last Thursday night every month for a beer and a chat? Just because they blog....

Africa: Fascination with movies about Africa

  21 April 2007

Kizzie writes about Hoolywood's new fascination with movies about Africa: “I'm not going to be surprised if I go to the movies in a few weeks to watch a movie about Sudan! wait a minute, they are filming emma's war right now! I'm sure the world will be thrilled by...

Uganda: Protest turns into manhunt for Indians, three people killed

  13 April 2007

Last week, Joshua Goldstein wrote about Ugandan bloggers’ reaction to Ugandan government's decision to give away 7,100 hectares of Mabira Forest to private investor for sugarcane plantation. The decision has been criticized by the Ugandan civil society, whose resistance to the allocation included the use of SMS. Yesterday, Ugandan bloggers...

Uganda: Blog Awards, Digital Activism and More

  8 April 2007

A historic moment in the Ugandan blogosphere occurred a few weeks ago as the winners of the 2006 Uganda Best of Blog awards were announced. Since February 2007, local bloggers have been gathering for the Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour, which is held monthly at Mateo's bar in downtown Kampala. The...

Africa: exploiting Africa's beauty and pain

  6 April 2007

waxspell considers movies such as Hotel Rwanda and The Last King of Scotland a form of exploitation: It is a dismay to see how these money hungry opportunists take advantage of our painful history and make it their gain! How dare we celebrate such insensitivity without questioning it? Can we...

Uganda: I'd rather clean toilets in Uganda

  6 April 2007

Once Upon Ish writes about odd jobs immigrants do in the Diaspora and the need to openly talk about AIDS: “For those of you who don't know, kyeyo refers to the odd jobs which immigrants from developing nations (legal and otherwise) do for a living in developed countries. You know,...