· December, 2009

Stories about Uganda from December, 2009

Uganda: President Says He Will Block Anti-Gay Bill

  23 December 2009

Uganda's proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 still awaits a final decision by the country's Parliament, but the country's Daily Monitor newspaper reported Wednesday that President Yoweri Museveni has "assured the US State Department of his willingness to block the Bill."

Uganda: Can the media force a country to mourn?

  18 December 2009

Can the media force a country to mourn? This it the main question that the Ugandan journalist and blogger, Rosebell Kagumire, raised in a lively conversation that took place on her blog and Facebook page following local media coverage of the death of Uganda's Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya’s son.

Uganda: Updates on the pending anti-gay bill

  16 December 2009

The impending anti- gay bill 2009 in Uganda that plans on criminalizing homosexuality and locking gays in prison or killing them has raised concerns all over the world. Chances that the bill will pass are very high.

Uganda: Ugandan Bloggers Happy Hour

  15 December 2009

Walkonby blogs about Ugandan Bloggers Happy Hour this Friday: “May I nkow whether you’re going to show up? Say Ay, if you are. Would you mind carrying your own drink, I can organize a couple of mixers. And the kitchen lovers, would you mind agreing who’ll prepare what?”

Uganda: Should Buganda consider secession?

  13 December 2009

Should Buganda Kingdom in Uganda consider secession?: “In a short essay distributed on the Internet, long-term Boston, USA, resident Tendo Kaluma, says that Buganda should consider secession from Uganda as an option.”

Uganda: The politics around Global Fund

  9 December 2009

Esther blogs about health crisis in Uganda and the politics around Global Fund: “To date the money has never been disbursed and Uganda has failed to qualify for Round 9 of the Global Fund causing a $20 million funding gap in HIV causing early deaths due to treatment interruptions”

Uganda: Homosexuality is not our biggest problem

  8 December 2009

Don discusses Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill: “Our government is so resolute in passing this legislation, that it has told donors to keep their aid if they will tamper with our pet project.”

East Africa: Not-so-serious weekday roundup

  8 December 2009

Studio Edirisa's weekday news roundup for East Africa: “Not-so-serious weekday roundup of East African news and stories: Is Uganda running out of money – Museveni flies home in economy class, proving a point or winning votes?”

Uganda: Discussing the “terrible” bill

  2 December 2009

Gay Ugandan discusses Uganda's anti-gay bill: “So, if I get this terrible bill and present it to Rick Warren, and he then goes ahead to wash his hands of the bills author without any other action, I am disappointed. Of course, my disappointment is kind of a compliment. I realise...

Uganda: How to stop anti-gay bill

  2 December 2009

Rebekah discusses anti-gay bill in Uganda: “I’ve been keeping shamefully silent on Ugandan MP David Bahati’s proposed anti-homosexuality bill, which would not only provide harsher penalties for gay and lesbian sex but would also criminalize blogging about homosexuality…”