· May, 2008

Stories about Uganda from May, 2008

Uganda: Book Club arrives

  26 May 2008

Book Club arrives in Kampala, Uganda: “The long awaited book club arrives. The onus is on me to pick the location, I guess, and I was thinking Iguana, but that's so not central. So I have to fall back on the default Mateo's.”

Africa: The challenge of the cults in East Africa

  25 May 2008

Pea discusses “The Challenge of the Cults in East Africa,” a video series on YouTube: “I was on YouTube just now and came across a series of videos titled “The Challenge of the Cults in East Africa.” The videos are posted by ACFAR, which I believe stands for African Centre...

Africa: Powering mobile payments in Africa

  21 May 2008

Mobile Africa reports about a mobile payment system empowering rural communities in Africa: “Leading mobile payments provider Mi-Pay has signed a contract with an East African operator to deliver a mobile money ecosystem to its subscribers in rural communities. Mi-Pay’s technology and expertise will enable subscribers to benefit from international...

Uganda: Being gay in Uganda

  20 May 2008

Being gay in Uganda is like banging your head against the wall: “Can you imagine how hard it is realizing that you are gay, growing up and realizing that your sexual orientation is different in such a society, where ‘officially’ sex is a taboo subject, demonized. And on television and...

Kidepo, an unbeaten path in Uganda

  19 May 2008

Omar Basawad writes of Kidepo National Park, saying “Of all Ugandan national parks and game reserves, Kidepo is the most remote and has the most unique wilderness and terrain.” noting that many tourists and travelers are missing out on a pristine location.

Uganda: Gagging the press

  13 May 2008

Moses Sserwanga writes discusses the link between media freedom and democracy in Uganda: “At Daily Monitor, no less than 10 journalists including senior editors are at various stages of prosecution for alleged publication of false news, criminal libel and sedition. This is irrespective of the fact that all the highlighted...

Uganda: Amakula Kampala Film Festival

  11 May 2008

Uganda Imsoniac attended the Amakula Kampala Film Festival in Uganda: “Every personality documentary film should make you feel comfortable and engage you. The director should make you love or loathe the character – it doesn’t really matter what – and you should just feel justified to do so and comfortable...

Uganda: Watching African movies in Africa

  11 May 2008

Scarlett Lion discusses African films: “But it seems that films about Africa rarely screen in Africa. And I've missed my chance to see this film, captured in Uganda, in Uganda. The film festival continues, and I'll have the chance to see some other mediocre hits like The Science of Sleep,...