· January, 2006

Stories about Uganda from January, 2006

Burundi: Lords Resistance Army

  30 January 2006

Agathon Rwasa points to an article in the Sudan Times that asks if the “UN will finally call time on the Lords Resistance Army“..

Uganda: crafts by the people

  26 January 2006

Timbuktu Chronicles points to a Ugandan organisation, Uganda Crafts, “managed by disadvantaged people that helps disadvantaged people. The majority of the artisans are either people who are disabled, widowed or young.”

Uganda: Press freedom

25 January 2006

Africa Blogs asks Who will join the Committee to Protect Journalists to defend Journalists?….”The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists did just that this evening in a letter reproduced here; CPJ protested to Uganda's Museveni over his regime's refusal to accredit a Canadian journalist and reducing the accreditation of a...

South Africa: Africa source II

  23 January 2006

Linuxchix Africa reports on Africa Source II recently held in Kampala, Uganda….”Africa Source II focussed on how technology, in particular Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) can be integrated into the project work of NGO's.”

Northern Uganda peace process

18 January 2006

Uganda-Can writes that ignoring “Northern Uganda is not a coherent policy” and points to an op/ed in the Stanford Progressive that argues for more US involvement in working for peace in the region.

Uganda: press censorship

16 January 2006

Africa Blogs comments on Uganda's press censorship….”MUSEVENI'S REGIME in Uganda has withdrawn accreditation to a Canadian Journalist, Mr Blake Lambert, who reports for The Economist, The Washington Times, and The Christian Science Monitor, and reduced the accreditation of BBC Correspondent”

Uganda: Northern Uganda

10 January 2006

Uganda-CAN points to a report in Uganda's Daily Monitor on the Olara Otunnu’s Sydney Peace Prize lecture about northern Uganda given last November.

Lake Victoria: falling water levels

  9 January 2006

African Water Journalists Blog points to a report in the Ugandan daily – the Monitor – on the falling water level in Lake Victoria. The result is less fish, less domestic water and an increase in water borne diseases like bilharzia.