· October, 2012

Stories about Uganda from October, 2012

Uganda: Getting Ready for the Second Coming of #Kony2012

  22 October 2012

“I didn’t pay much mind to the #Kony2012 kerfuffle when it first surfaced back in March. I couldn’t be bothered to watch the film and was a bit blasé about the re-emergence (as it seemed to me) of the Lord’s Resistance Army as a topic of wide international interest. But...

Uganda: The Golden Jubilee Gift That Never Was

  16 October 2012

As Uganda was celebrating 50 years of independence on 9 October 2012, everyone was hoping that qualification for the African Cup of Nations would be the best gift Ugandans would get. It never happened. Uganda's national soccer team, the Uganda Cranes, last qualified for the African Cup of Nations in 1978 when it reached the finals but finished second.

Uganda Marks 50 Years of Independence

  10 October 2012

On Tuesday 9 October, 1962, Uganda got its independence from Britain. As the country celebrated its Golden Jubilee recently, Ugandans online have been using Twitter and Facebook to share their opinions about Uganda@50.

African Viewpoints on the US 2012 Election

  3 October 2012

The US presidential election will be held on November 6 and the campaign is entering the home stretch. African bloggers have various takes on how the election will unfold and what they can expect from each candidate.