· September, 2010

Stories about Bermuda from September, 2010

Bermuda: “Mockumentary”?

  28 September 2010

Of “the corporate-style movie…that has appeared on the Internet polishing the Premier’s image as a popular leader”, Vexed Bermoothes says it is akin to “what BP might undertake to restore its image after the debilitating Gulf oil spill.”

Bermuda: Stormy Politics

  23 September 2010

What irked Politics.bm more than Hurricane Igor was the political wrangling after the storm: “Do [politicians] really think that Bermudians are as consumed by political disagreements and ideology as to not support each other after a major hurricane? This sentiment is incredibly condescending and out of touch.”

Bermuda: Battling Hurricane Igor

  20 September 2010

Remaining true to its most famous namesake, Hurricane Igor has, thus far, been the biggest and strongest storm of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season, battering the tiny island of Bermuda even as it maintains its course towards Newfoundland, Canada. A handful of Bermudian bloggers managed to get information out in the midst of the barrage…

Bermuda: On Camera

  8 September 2010

In response to the installation of cameras at certain traffic lights, Vexed Bermoothes says: “I feel that in a ‘nation of laws’ Government must be clear about how efforts like this are authorised, how they will be used…otherwise, the exercise starts to smack of ‘big brother’ intrusiveness.”

Bermuda: Economic Reality

  3 September 2010

Politics.bm says that “with…the construction industry in a big slow down [and] unemployment up to about 5%, the reality of the PLP's economy is really starting to bite.

Bermuda: 2010 Census

  2 September 2010

Response to the government's 2010 census has been poor, and it's no wonder, according to Vexed Bermoothes: “Simply put: many people do not trust our Government to have this much detail of their lives in one place.”