· August, 2006

Stories about Bermuda from August, 2006

Bermuda: Education & sustainable development

  30 August 2006

Christian S. Dunleavy congratulates an old schoolfriend on his decision to repay the scholarship funds granted him a decade ago; and questions the Bermuda government's decision to pave over a piece of parkland to create a location for a hospital.

Bermuda: Rum terrorism

  24 August 2006

Valentine Michael Smith reports on the vicious attack on Bermuda's rum supply perpetrated by a group called Al-Cassava: “the group’s demands are said to include increased moped parking, a reduction in milk prices and SMS messaging that works more than 1 day in 5.”

Bermuda: Self-made man

  7 August 2006

The Limey wonders why a young, self-made man — a former prisoner turned lawyer — won't acknowledge what his success might mean to other young, black Bermudians.

Bermuda: Opposition to independence

  1 August 2006

Public opposition to the idea of independence for Bermuda has increased by 10% since 2004, notes the Limey: “It’s time for the Premier to graciously acknowledge this lack of interest and shelve the discussion.”