· August, 2009

Stories about Bermuda from August, 2009

Bermuda: Business Savvy

  17 August 2009

“Bermudian retailers could learn the value to providing better service if they’re serious about staying in business”: The first rule of better service, according to 21 Square? – “Don’t insult your customers.”

Bermuda: Choosing a Path

  10 August 2009

“Another day, another shooting”: 21 Square says that “some of the largest issues we face in Bermuda today are the inability for disadvantaged youth to see nor understand a path out of poverty via traditional routes.”

Bermuda: Challenging the Status Quo

  5 August 2009

“Why is it that when it comes down to that final vote Bermudians get scared and stick with the status quo?”: 21 Square examines the island's political climate, while Bermuda Jewel wonders if white Bermudians are politically irrelevant.

Bermuda: The End of Cricket?

  3 August 2009

“I…wonder now if this is the beginning of the end of the West Indies as a cricket nation”: Bermuda's BeachLime.com shares his thoughts on the impasse between the West Indies Cricket Board and the Players’ Association.