· July, 2010

Stories about Bermuda from July, 2010

Bermuda: Media Code

  26 July 2010

“I do believe that whether we like it or not, blogs are now part of the media. By definition we publish publicly and with that freedom comes responsibility” – which is why Breezeblog has voluntarily adopted the Media Council of Bermuda’s Code of Practice.

Bermuda: municipalities takeover

  21 July 2010

Vexed Bermoothes opposes the Bermuda government’s plan to take over the operations and services of the country’s municipalities, including those of the capital, Hamilton.

Bermuda: Respect Yourself

  15 July 2010

A politician says that he ripped up an official piece of correspondence in response to a perceived show of disrespect, prompting Vexed Bermoothes to comment: “I want them to know that if you disrespect the public, that is what you will get back in return.”

Bermuda: Fiscal Legacy

  14 July 2010

“So, it’s official. Government is trying to raise a half billion dollars in debt to cover their ‘spending addiction'”: Vexed Bermoothes is not pleased with the legacy of the present government.

Bermuda: 10 Things

  10 July 2010

Bermuda's Breezeblog attended the World Cup in South Africa and shares ten things he learned from the experience.

Bermuda: water worries

  6 July 2010

“Water. It's hard to believe that this, the most basic of resources is still a major issue for so many Bermudians.” Tales from the Triangle's Tip worries about resource management and other social concerns.

Bermuda: The Crime Question

  2 July 2010

“Each step – if not aggressively countered by law enforcement and successful prosecution – will lead to wider gun use”: Vexed Bermoothes blogs about the potential fallout from rising crime.

Bermuda: Unsuitable

  1 July 2010

Vexed Bermoothes is concerned that the government plans to “forge ahead with [the] plan to take over Bermuda’s municipal corporations, replacing their elected officials with an appointed board.”