· November, 2007

Stories about Bermuda from November, 2007

Bermuda: Xenophobia?

  23 November 2007

A Limey In Bermuda thinks that “some members of the (governing) PLP are wearing their xenophobia as if it were a perfume.”

Bermuda: Political Season

  22 November 2007

“May be we should hold an election every year as it would appear that’s the only time when anything gets done, or the public is actually listened to,” writes IMHO.bm, while Politics.bm has some advice for Bermudan politicians on how not to canvass.

Bermuda: Vote – Or Else

  12 November 2007

Politics.bm posts video of an ad designed to encourage Bermudan citizens to register to vote: “The exact same ad, paired with a very uplifting audio track, could have been more appropriate and effective; encouraging participation rather than suggesting that the Anti-Christ will arrive if you don't vote.”