· March, 2010

Stories about Bermuda from March, 2010

Bermuda: Overspending

  31 March 2010

“It’s so simple that only a politician could miss it”: Vexed Bermoothes says that the Bermudian government must reduce its budget.

Bermuda: Violent Crime

  23 March 2010

Vexed Bermoothes says that crime in Bermuda is “a lot worse than most people assume, particularly given the small size of this rock and the even smaller neighbourhoods that are being scarred by this violence.”

Bermuda: Lack of Confidence

  18 March 2010

“I don’t think anyone has any real confidence that Government will act to restrain its spending, or plan to work down the debt without strangling the community with taxes”: Bermuda's budget debate has eroded Vexed Bermoothes‘ confidence.

Bermuda: Coming to Term

  17 March 2010

Bermudian bloggers comment on term limits. Politics.bm: “The requirement to prove Bermuda status for entry is draconian and unnecessary…”; Vexed Bermoothes: “I believe that term limits are very dangerous, particularly combined with all the other mixed messages sent by this Government towards international business.”

Bermuda: Taking a Gamble

  16 March 2010

“I am generally ambivalent on gambling, I don't see it as a tourism silver bullet or a social death knell, and while I have little interest in it myself I do have some serious affiliated concerns”: Politics.bm thinks that Bermuda needs to “reform first. Gambling might follow.”

Bermuda: Illegal or Impossible?

  5 March 2010

“Yep, as you guessed, nothing has changed, not even on the agenda. Unethical but not illegal”: Still, Vexed Bermoothes continues to press for anti-corruption laws in Bermuda.

Bermuda: Stinking Budget

  3 March 2010

Vexed Bermoothes says that Bermuda's most recent budget “seeks to live on debt and on increased taxes on both businesses and workers…but beyond that, something else stinks.”

Bermuda: Term Limits

  1 March 2010

Vexed Bermoothes and The Devil Island maintain that the “term limiting out” of a particular journalist “is a bad and self-defeating move: he’s the best known business journalist associated with Bermuda, and his coverage of Bermuda’s international sector has contributed significantly to the island’s reputation and growth.”