· September, 2009

Stories about Bermuda from September, 2009

Bermuda: Green Party

  30 September 2009

Catch a fire welcomes Bermuda's newest political party and “the contribution that they may be able to offer to our political discourse.”

Bermuda: national identity

  25 September 2009

“Who are we?” asks Tales from the Triangle's Tip. News of an upcoming visit to Bermuda by Queen Elizabeth II raises questions about national identity in the British Overseas Territory. “After 400 years, we are still defined by a queen, a crown.”

Bermuda: too wobbly for business?

  25 September 2009

Vexed Bermoothes investigates why a major insurance company is moving its headquarters from Bermuda to Ireland. “So what’s bothering the international executives?… Work permit issues. Wobbly political environment. Uncertain future tax status.”

Bermuda: decriminalising cannabis?

  21 September 2009

21 Square joins the debate over decriminalising cannabis in Bermuda. “Our present stance on cannabis has created a black market intent on fulfilling demand that is consuming our island and causing our crime rates to soar…. we maintain a punishment scheme for users which outweighs the actual crime.”

Bermuda: race and income

  18 September 2009

A recent report on income disparities between black and white employees in Bermuda triggers some statistical analysis by 21 Square. “The sad reality … is that white Bermudians are more likely to hold a higher level of education and thus are more likely to earn more.”

Bermuda: Gambling Shooting

  8 September 2009

As a Bermudian man fights for his life after being shot at a gambling event, Catch a fire, who is “particularly concerned about the prevalance of organised gambling”, also acknowledges the bigger issue: “We currently live in an increasingly atomistic society, a collection of households rather than a neighbourhood, workers...

Bermuda: Consistent Message

  1 September 2009

“The announcement that the expat with a cannabis conviction has been granted a work permit because of his importance to the international business community is disappointing”: Bermuda's 21 Square thinks that the move “simply does not send the right message.”