· January, 2006

Stories about Bermuda from January, 2006

The Caribbean Single Market

  31 January 2006

It's rare to find Caribbean bloggers across different islands talking about the same issue at the same time, but one would have thought that yesterday's historic signing in Jamaica of the document ratifying the Caribbean Single Market (CSM), might have created a little buzz. That, however, is exactly what it...

Caribbean: The Taíno & Catholicism

  31 January 2006

Indigenous issues blog Voice of the Taino people links to an article entitled “Christianity, Capitalism, Corporations, and the Myth of Dominion”, noting that the “Roman” Catholic Church still has not properly addressed the call by the Taíno and other Indigenous Peoples world wide for the revocation of the 1493 Inter-Ceatera...

Bermuda: Don't say no to tourism

30 January 2006

Christian S. Dunleavy warns that the government's attitude, in particular the Tourism Minister's recent rebuff of a potential investor, will harm not only tourism development in Bermuda but also “cast doubt over the whole island as a business friendly and attractive jurisdiction for investment.”

Caribbean: McWatt wins literary prizes

  30 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog announces that Guyanese writer Mark McWatt has taken both the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for best first book in the Canada/Caribbean region, and the prestigious Casa de las Americas prize for Caribbean literature in English or Creole.

Bermuda: Character education

26 January 2006

The Limey reports that a “character education” program called Living Values has proven to be a success in the three primary schools in Bermuda where it was piloted. But he wonders why information on a similar program being piloted in middle school hasn't been forthoming. He also finds some of...

Bermuda: Cricket woes

24 January 2006

Since qualifying for the 2007 Cricket World Cup, the Bermuda team seems to have had its share of ups and downs, reports the Cricinfo blog Beyond the Test World. A recent television broadcast suggests that the players are about to strike over contracts and fees, and another report states that...

Global Fusion: Creating Delicious Food One Meal at the Time!

  21 January 2006

#1: Madrid Fusion My colleague Chef Elena was in Spain with three other Panamanian chefs, for the  world famous "Madrid Fusion" one week event, held in the beautiful city of Madrid. No doubt this is an incredible event. It will set the course for the emerging and extravagant cooking techniques,...

Bermuda: Commentary & cloning

20 January 2006

The Limey abandons the idea of guest contributors and invites readers instead to send in their comments by e-mail. He's already received two responses. And Valentine Michael Smith announces that Bermuda is to launch an official program of cloning.

Caribbean: A blogger's book awards

  16 January 2006

For the fourth year in a row, Trinidadian Nicholas Laughlin publishes the “Nicholas Laughlin Book Awards” for Caribbean books — “i.e. books written by Caribbean authors, set in the Caribbean, or otherwise of particular Caribbean interest”. As interesting as the selections is Laughlin's analysis of his own reading patterns over...

Caribbean: Caribbeing

  13 January 2006

“In this CSME time. In this time of dancehall self-righteousness versus soca wutlessness. In this time when Trinis don't want to hear about “small islanders” reaching to the Billboard charts with soca music. In this time when Haitians still call out for our help and we still studiously ignore them....

Caribbean: Plays, pantomimes, identity

  13 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog solicits opinions on a newspaper review of this year's Jamaica pantomime, encourages Caribbean bloggers to engage in a “round of collective soul-searching” and publishes “outtakes” from an article in the current issue of the magazine.

Caribbean: Art, film & the Seven Caribbean Wonders

  12 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog links to to a conversation between the director of Jamaica's National Gallery and the guest curator of a current exhibition; an article about a Hollywood film made on location in Grand Cayman by a young Caymanian director; and solicits input for a list of the “Seven...

Caribbean: Best to quote Best

  12 January 2006

Nicholas Laughlin finds he could have saved himself the work of writing his long post about “Caribbeanness” simply by quoting renowned Caribbean thinker Lloyd Best.

Bermuda: Space race & population issues

12 January 2006

Valentine Michael Smith reports on Bermuda's first space project, code named BOTTOM (Bermuda On The Top Of Mars). Meanwhile, The Limey fears him wife will learn of the concerns being expressed by the head of the Bermuda Public Services Union about Bermuda's ageing population. “He's wondering,” says The Limey, “whether...

Caribbean: Wayback when

  11 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog has some fun with the Wayback Machine, linking to early – and in a few cases embarrassing – incarnations of a few Caribbean web sites.

Bermuda: Substance v. perception

11 January 2006

The Limey takes issue with a newspaper columnist's perceptions of Bermuda's two political parties. One, he says, has “problems of substance”, while the other has “mostly problems of perception.”