· September, 2006

Stories about Bermuda from September, 2006

Bermuda: Government blog requests feedback

  21 September 2006

The Bermuda government's Charting Our Course: Sustaining Bermuda blog, which is dedicated to discussing the draft Sustainable Development Strategy for the country, publishes a critique put forward by a panellist at a public meeting, with a request for feedback.

Bermuda: Save the Gardens blog

  21 September 2006

A newly launched Bermudian blog called Save the Gardens is dedicated to helping block a goverment decision to build a hospital on the site of the botanical gardens in Hamilton, Bermuda's capital city.

Bermuda: Ex-pat go home!

  21 September 2006

The Limey reports on the latest a anti-expatriate leaflet circulating in Bermuda, which accuses foreign-born residents of “. . . taking food, jobs, housing, space, school places, and “our sons and daughters” from Bermudians. He’s blamed for causing fatherless homes, divorce, declining family values, and traffic congestion.“

Bermuda: Hurricane lessons

  15 September 2006

A Limey in Bermuda cautions against making hasty development decisions in the aftermath of hurricane Florence: “. . . it's perhaps not surprising that some people are calling for power lines to be put underground, a more durable connection to the East End, and a curfew. But do any of...

Bermuda: Hurricane Florence aftermath

  12 September 2006

The Limey returns home after waiting out hurricane Florence in Bermuda's capital. He's pleased to report that the damage is “nowhere near as bad as it was after [2003 hurricane] Fabian.”

Bermuda: Hurricane Florence

  11 September 2006

The Limey reports on the situation in Hamilton, Bermuda the morning hurricane Florence was scheduled to have passed by, and posts some photos.

Bermuda: Blogging hurricane Florence

  10 September 2006

The video above was captured this afternoon by Bermuda bloggers Shawn and Sue “from the Southshore, Eastern end of Bermuda, approx 24 hours before Florence is scheduled to arrive.” Florence is the season's latest hurricane, and the island of Bermuda has been bracing for her arrival since the middle of...

Bermuda: Safe against drugs?

  8 September 2006

An newspaper interview with an pseudonymous drug leader outlining the deficiencies of the authorities in charge of securing Bermuda's ports and borders leaves Sean disheartened: “What would be interesting would be for a spot test. Hire a consultant (secretively) to bring in contraband and see exactly how secure the airports...

Bermuda: Civilian hurricane relief

  8 September 2006

The Limey in Bermuda's latest “open mike” topic is tabled by a former Corporal in the Bermudian Regiment, who draws on his experiences working the hurricane relief detail and calls for “a parallel force based on the ideals of grassroots democracy rather than military hierarchies, to assist with hurricanes.“

Bermuda: Sustainable Development documents

  7 September 2006

The Limey kindly makes available on his weblog downloadable copies of the draft Sustainable Development Plan documents that the Bermuda government appeared be having trouble with at their own newly launched blog.

Bermuda: Bermuda Maps

  1 September 2006

Bermuda has released Bermuda Maps, its “own version of Google maps.” The Limey has a few criticisms, but in general he's pretty pleased with it.