· January, 2012

Stories about Bermuda from January, 2012

Bermuda: “Constant Circus”

  31 January 2012

“The Premier is saying that she will pass more good governance laws. That’s positive,” says Vexed Bermoothes. But he still can't help but wonder: “You need laws to control the actions of your own inner circle? Seriously?”

Bermuda: Lack of Political Dialogue

  18 January 2012

politics.bm thinks that tIt speaks volumes about the PLP's interest in informed dialogue that two brief fact based and civil comments that I posted on their Facebook page were deleted and I was removed from the page entirely…not all comments were deleted. Only those that didn't echo the official line.”

Bermuda: Wishing for Change

  4 January 2012

“This year will be an eventful one. We will have our elections as will our American friends. The power of the people to make progressive change was demonstrated with fervor last year and this year shows no sign of abating”: Respice Finem hopes for change in 2012.