· February, 2011

Stories about Bermuda from February, 2011

Caribbean: Looking at Cairo

  4 February 2011

Caribbean bloggers have their eyes on Cairo. From Bermuda, Wishful Thinking republishes an image that offers “hope for humanity”; Cuba's Yoani Sanchez says: “The insinuation is clear: five decades of authoritarianism here at home has exceeded its expiration date” and Trinidad-based Globewriter adds: “When you target journalists and shut down...

Bermuda, Guyana: Action of the People

  2 February 2011

Respice Finem suggests that Bermuda may have some lessons to learn from the Middle East, while The Guyana Groove says: “I am so inspired by the recent political revolutions happening in the Mid-East. I just love it when people realise that they are the ones who should be in control.”