· April, 2007

Stories about Bermuda from April, 2007

Bermuda: The state of the blogosphere

  25 April 2007

Bermuda's governing Progressive Labour Party has a new blog, prompting BravoZulu.bm to write, “While I applaud the idea of yet another Bermuda blog, suddenly blogging just became less cool. Like when your parents suddenly liked the same music that you did. When the cool suddenly becomes mainstream, it’s awkward. Macarena,...

Bermuda: Measuring Tourism

  24 April 2007

“I'm sure tourism numbers are up. And I'm glad that we seem to be making some gains. But…the question is ‘by how much?'”. Politics.bm has some suggestions for measuring tourist arrivals in Bermuda.

Bermuda: Private Clinic, Public Interest?

  17 April 2007

In the context of the Bermudan Premier's power to influence public health care policy coupled with his alleged financial interest in a private medical clinic, Politics.bm writes, “In mature democracies, the elected leader of the Government, and other public officials, are required to not only declare their private interests, but...

Bermuda: Bridging the Education Divide

  10 April 2007

Politics.bm quotes an analysis of census data on Bermuda's education divide: “Education should be a source of opportunity, not a mark of privilege. People who can’t afford to send their children to private schools deserve the same opportunities as those who can. But today, that birthright for Bermudian children in...