· March, 2008

Stories about Bermuda from March, 2008

Bermuda: Retribution?

  26 March 2008

As the government pulls its advertising dollars from local newspapers, supposedly for reasons of retribution, Vexed Bermoothes asks: “Is this about governing or controlling Bermuda?”

Bermuda: Tourist Trap?

  25 March 2008

After a tourist dies in a road accident, Bermudan blogger IMHO.bm asks: “Are we doing the right thing by continuing to rent auxiliary cycles to tourists?”

Bermuda: Race Therapy

  21 March 2008

“Bonds grow through community, not through confrontation,” writes Vexed Bermoothes, as he administers some group therapy for Bermuda.

Bermuda, USA: Watching US Elections

  20 March 2008

“As the American election process grinds on, I find myself more and more impressed by Barack Obama’s apparent decency and integrity”, writes Breezeblog, while Politics.bm says that “many of the themes” in Obama's latest speech “are very applicable to Bermuda.”

Bermuda: Citizen Media

  18 March 2008

Breezeblog keeps track of the annual State of the News Media Report from the Project For Excellence in Journalism and says: “The report notes the nature of news reporting on the net is changing significantly thanks to the influence of ‘citizen media'”.

Bermuda: Freedom of Information

  17 March 2008

When it comes to Freedom of Information in Bermuda, Vexed Bermoothes says: “Sorry, press conferences full of spin, manipulated statistics, and avoidance of substance do not equal a transparent government.”

Bermuda: Crime Wave

  13 March 2008

Vexed Bermoothes applauds the Bahamian Police for “contradicting the PLP’s pre-election claims” and being “brave enough to admit this week that Bermuda is facing a growing crime wave.”

Bermuda: Private Finance

  12 March 2008

Vexed Bermoothes wonders if Bermuda's government's “enthusiasm for Private Finance Initiatives…will be a means of diverting huge Government budgets into the hands of selected special interests.”

Bermuda: Homophobia

  11 March 2008

“If I call someone out as a homophobe I mean it with all the venom as if I were to call someone a racist or a sexist”: A Radical in Bermuda calls it like he sees it.

Bermuda: Dehabilitation?

  6 March 2008

“Bermuda’s criminal recidivism rate is now 78%. In other words, 78% of prisoners who complete their sentence will reoffend and serve more jail time”: Vexed Bermoothes blogs about “dehabilitation”.