· June, 2007

Stories about Bermuda from June, 2007

If Bloggers attended the Conference on the Caribbean…

  25 June 2007

This past week (June 18-21) leaders of CARICOM met with President George W. Bush and other top U.S. government officials in Washington as part of the Conference on the Caribbean. Official word from the U.S. Press Secretary is that: “The Conference on the Caribbean continues an important dialogue between the...

Bermuda: Lessons from Conference of the Caribbean

  22 June 2007

In the context of the Bermuda Housing Corporation corruption scandal, Politics.bm says, “Perhaps our Government should have attended the Conference on the Caribbean where some enlightened positions on the Freedom of the Press and scrutiny of public officials are being discussed.”

Bermuda: Dame Brown Evans Laid to Rest

  8 June 2007

“Individuals and families I spoke with said they simply had to attend this ‘historic event’ and wanted their children to be a part of this ‘history in the making'”: Charlotte Andrews is one of many who lined the streets of Hamilton, Bermuda to pay their last respects to Dame Lois...

Bermuda: Housing Corruption Scandal

  6 June 2007

IMHO.bm is concerned about the corruption scandal surrounding the Bermuda Housing Corporation, while Politics.bm reports that the controversy has captured the attention of the international media.

Bermuda: Facebook

  4 June 2007

Tom Q finally sets up his Facebook profile and learns that he's in good company – the Premier of Bermuda is on there too.