· December, 2006

Stories about Bermuda from December, 2006

Bermuda: Poison comment debate

  25 December 2006

A tongue-in-cheek post by the Limey, riffing off of a incident where a chef at a Bermuda resort was thrown off the island after making a joke about putting arsenic in a meal to be served to the island's Premier, occasions a string of comments debating issues of propriety and...

Bermuda: Government TV

  22 December 2006

As the Bermudan government forges ahead with plans to open its own television station, A Limey in Bermuda maintains that “watching TV to find out about Government services makes about as much sense as entering the Tour de France on a unicycle.”

Bermuda: Joke about Premier turns serious

  22 December 2006

On the heels of Bermuda's Premier aiming racial slurs at former Opposition Leader Grant Gibbons in Parliament, a chef makes a joke and is subsequently fired and deported, leaving Christian Dunleavy to shake his head “at the silliness of it all”.

Bermuda: Ritz Carlton to be approved?

  21 December 2006

A “nine-storey monstrosity, in the shape of the proposed new Ritz-Carlton hotel” may soon be erected in the City of Hamilton. A Limey in Bermuda shares his thoughts on the subject in the context of Bermuda's current planning laws.

Bermuda: Premier's Dudley Eve Cup

  19 December 2006

The Bermuda Football Association's decision to have the Government sponsor a well-loved annual tournament, has apparently gone hand in hand with renaming it in honour of the island's Premier – a purely egotistical move, according to Christian S. Dunleavy at Politics.bm.

Bermuda: Christmas Trading Rules & Church

  15 December 2006

Bermuda's Finance Minister Paula Cox has announced that the island's Sunday trading rules “will not be waived in the run-up to Christmas, because of a conflict with the time that many people attend church”: A Limey in Bermuda wonders if there can't be a compromise.

Bermuda: Christmas Boat Show

  11 December 2006

A Limey in Bermuda deems the island's 2006 Christmas Boat Parade “a little disappointing” with a few exceptions – and posts a video clip of one notable boat.

Bermuda: The Racial Divide

  6 December 2006

IMHO.bm dissects the state of race relations in Bermuda, following a recent confrontation in Parliament between Premier Dr. Ewart Brown and Former Opposition Leader Grant Gibbons.