· March, 2006

Stories about Bermuda from March, 2006

Bermuda: E-commerce Obstacles

  28 March 2006

“High cost of living; small size; restrictive immigration policy; poor state education system; lack of IT professionalism and work ethic issues; reliance of IT sector on expats; prohibitive telecoms costs; shortage of accommodation; expensive airfares; “political instability” and racial tension; punitive and indiscriminate customs duties; and the Island's location in...

Bermuda: A New Vision?

  24 March 2006

Both Sean and the Limey attend the New Vision rally of the United Bermuda Party. Both gentlemen leave the event duly impressed.

Bermuda: 436 cases of child abuse

  24 March 2006

Unlike the Bermudian government, Valentine Michael Smith thinks that 436 reported cases of child abuse in Bermuda in 2005 is “an alarming trend”, and calls for action.

Caribbean: Carifesta 2006

  23 March 2006

Jeremy Taylor at the Caribbean Beat Blog looks forward to seeing what the Caribbean arts festival Carifesta 2006 has in store. “I still remember the excitement of the very first Carifesta in Guyana, in 1972, when it seemed that the whole of Georgetown was taken over by musicians, poets, dancers,...

Jamaica: Commonwealth Games

  22 March 2006

Leon wonders why the 18th Commonwealth Games aren't getting more media attention. “Is it because the mighty U.S is not involved, since the Commonwealth games only include former territories of Britain? (But wait, America is a former territory of Britain!).”

Bermuda: Awards scheme?

  22 March 2006

The Limey has a bit of fun at the expense of the promoter of an awards ceremony to which Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Halle Berry and others were allegedly invited.

Caribbean: Women writers’ blog

  17 March 2006

Over at BlogHer, Karen Walrond announces her new project, The Pan Collective, “a community blog featuring the voices of wonderful women writers from the Caribbean”.

Commonwealth Games

  15 March 2006

Regan liveblogs the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, which took place last night in Melbourne, Australia.

Bermuda: The ABCs of DSL

  15 March 2006

As Bermuda's DSL provider starts running newspaper ads touting the excellence of its service, the service starts getting patchy — and the Limey reminds them that competition is on the horizon.

Bermuda: Meeting on democracy

  13 March 2006

The Limey posts a detailed report on a meeting convened to discuss how to make the Bermudian politican system more democratic. Christian S. Dunleavy links to the Limey's post, adding that the meeting was “poorly advertised, badly scheduled and hence lightly attended”.

Bermuda: Local shutterbugs snubbed

  10 March 2006

The Limey posts a press release from the Bermuda Professional Photographers Association which alleges that the government is violating its own guidelines by hiring foreign photographers to shoot Bermuda tourism ads.