· July, 2006

Stories about Bermuda from July, 2006

Bermuda: “Worst of Bermuda” awards

  27 July 2006

The Limey offers his tongue-in-cheek “Worst of Bermuda Awards 2006”. Categories include “most embarrassing mistake”, “worst corporate citizen”, and “worst act of political cowardice”.

Bermuda: The Premier on the bus

  21 July 2006

The Limey reports briefly on the public's mixed response — and often humorous — to Bermudian Premier Alex Scott's decision to ride the bus to work.

Bermuda: Paradox of plenty

  19 July 2006

The Limey's latest “Open Mike” topic is “the paradox of plenty”, tabled by contributor “Tiger Bay”: “Resource-rich countries, such as oil producers, often develop slower than less endowed countries. Quite simply, the wealth distorts good governance and decision making. . . .“

Bermuda: Government Ministers’ spending spree

  18 July 2006

Bermuda bloggers The Limey, Sean Soares and Christian Dunleavy all take on the hot-button issue of government minister's travel expenses. Sean Soares also reports on the latest mugging of two men in downtown Hamilton and the general escalation of these sorts of incidents in the country.

Bermuda: Tackling racism

  17 July 2006

The Bermuda government has rejected two proposals for tackling the issue of racism, on the basis that they fail to “solve the problems of human emotions”. The Limey wonders what alternatives the government has in mind.

Caribbean: Stanford 20/20

  14 July 2006

Jeremy Taylor at the Caribbean Beat weblog notes the début of the Stanford 20/20 in Antigua, the “fastest and whackiest form of the game [of cricket] yet,” adding that “the purists will no doubt gnash their teeth, as they did when one-day matches were begun in 1963 and when Packer...

Bermuda: Anti-racism meeting report

  13 July 2006

Sean attends an anti-racism meeting last night in Bermuda but comes away thinking that “everyone is talking and no one is doing” and presents his own thoughts on the matter instead.

Bermuda: Anti-racism rally

  12 July 2006

Sean posts notices of an anti-racism rally to be held in Bermuda in response to the brutal beating of a Portuguese national by four men outside a bar. The “Vasco da Gama” club is one of the participants.

Bermuda: Stop the violence

  11 July 2006

Sean encourages readers to participate in a letter-writing campaign protesting the brutal beating of a Portuguese national outside a bar in Bermuda. Christian Dunleavy congratulates a local Portuguese activist for holding the government to account.

Martinique: First Caribbean Social Forum

  7 July 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] is pleased (Fr) to learn that the first Caribbean Social Forum is happening in Martinique this week (July 5-9) but does not think its timing was particularly smart what with the World Cup's final taking place this weekend as well as an annual cultural fair in...

Bermuda: “An insulting figure”

  5 July 2006

Sean Soares calls the $2,840.63 offered by the Bermuda government to the family of a young Canadian woman who was brutally raped and killed ten years ago “an insulting figure”, and reports that the Canadian goverment is keeping an eye on the case.