· October, 2011

Stories about Bermuda from October, 2011

Bermuda: Economic Impact of Term Limits

  7 October 2011

“One day it's [term limits] about long term residency. The next about not letting expats steal jobs from Bermudians. Just pick one already will you”: Politics.bm says that the government is “doubling down on term limits with an election coming. This is very dangerous for Bermuda.”

Bermuda: Back & Forth Over Retail Measures

  4 October 2011

“The 40% hike in airport duty (combined with a steep reduction in allowances) has people freaked”, says Vexed Bermoothes, adding: “Is the Government so broke that it needs to restrict Bermudians’ freedom for a mere $4.2 million in additional tax revenue?” Beach Lime, meanwhile, quips: “There is not a facepalm...

Bermuda: What's the Plan?

  3 October 2011

“What Bermuda needs is a plan. Multiple plans actually: a retail plan, an international business plan, a tourism plan” – and Politics.bm is afraid that the government doesn't actually have one.