· December, 2007

Stories about Bermuda from December, 2007

Bermuda: Election Results

  19 December 2007

The Bermuda election results are in – Politics.bm says: “Accountability and government reform in Bermuda politics is officially dead”, while The Devil Island congratulates the winning party and hopes “that we can all move forward and come together as one Bermuda.”

Bermuda: Election Day

  18 December 2007

Today is Election Day in Bermuda and Politics.bm is getting the sense that there is a desire for change in the community”, while A Limey In Bermuda endorses what he calls “the protest vote”.

Caribbean: A More Violent World?

  17 December 2007

Are we living in a more violent world? Some say we are; others believe that violence is simply more widely reported. Earlier this year, the World Bank suggested that the Caribbean (as a region) may have the highest murder rate in the world - and it is having a serious effect on economic growth. More and more, Caribbean bloggers are discussing the issue - and their concerns transcend territorial boundaries, economic realities and regional politics...

Bermuda: Death Threat

  14 December 2007

On the heels of the Premier of Bermuda receiving a death threat, A Limey In Bermuda says: “It's time for all politicians and their supporters to end the spiral of nastiness and mistrust that has lead to this latest low.”

Bermuda: Upcoming Elections

  7 December 2007

A Limey in Bermuda reports that both parties running for the island's upcoming elections will be “releasing their platforms on Monday 10 December, just one day before advance polling and one week before the main voting day.”