· May, 2009

Stories about Bermuda from May, 2009

Bermuda: Gang Violence

  27 May 2009

“I find the gang violence and drive-by shootings this weekend too depressing to write about. WTF Bermuda?”: Still, Vexed Bermoothes manages to throw out some constructive ideas.

Bermuda, Cayman Islands: Referendum

  21 May 2009

Bermudian bloggers Vexed Bermoothes and Catch a fire are paying attention to the Cayman Islands’ recently-concluded elections and citizens’ participation in a referendum vote on the country's new constitution.

Bermuda: Government & the Media

  7 May 2009

The Premier of Bermuda has announced that he will reduce the government's contact with certain media organizations in an effort “to reduce the rancour and lower the toxicity that have become the norm” – Vexed Bermoothes responds: “This, to put it bluntly, is sign of power and control run amok”...

Bermuda: Enough?

  5 May 2009

Vexed Bermoothes thinks that “Bermuda has a long history, and a rapidly growing Government, but our culture of good governance may not be keeping up.”