· January, 2007

Stories about Bermuda from January, 2007

Bermuda: Racism plus a spineless opposition?

  18 January 2007

A senior member of Bermuda's opposition party resigns, citing racism in the party ranks. But the Limey finds the senior member's claims self-contradictory and thinks the party could have responded more promptly and decisively to the situation.

Bermuda: Bloggers featured in local paper

  12 January 2007

Bermudian Christian Dunleavy links to a Royal Gazette article entitled “Have you joined Bermuda's blogosphere,” which features four of the island's most popular bloggers (himself included). Philip Wells, one of the bloggers, posts the photo which accompanies the article on his blog and runs a caption competition. “Go on, make...

Bermuda: Callling BLP bloggers

  3 January 2007

The Limey laments the lack of Bermudian blogs are supportive of the ruling party: “This decentralised model of debate cannot work. . . unless there are blogs offering all perspectives. That’s what’s missing in Bermuda today.”