· February, 2009

Stories about Bermuda from February, 2009

Bermuda: Budget Day

  20 February 2009

Vexed Bermoothes has been following the Bermuda's budget presentation and says: “It doesn’t seem so far to be a change from ‘business as usual'”.

Bermuda: Balancing the Budget

  19 February 2009

In anticipation of Bermuda's Budget Day tomorrow, Vexed Bermoothes says: “Government needs to show prudence, while stoking the rapidly eroding economy, while revealing where it’s going to get the cash.”

Caribbean, USA: Stanford Charged with Fraud

  18 February 2009

Fresh on the heels of the latest regional financial meltdown comes another: news that U.S. billionaire Allen Stanford has been slapped with charges for investment fraud - more than 8 billion dollars' worth. The potential fallout for West Indies cricket appears to be concerning Caribbean bloggers as much as the economic ramifications.

Bermuda: Stem Cell Research

  17 February 2009

As news breaks that a stem cell research facility will be allowed to operate under “guidelines” from the Ministry of Health, Vexed Bermoothes says: “Stem cell research and treatments are a sensitive field in health care. Bermuda should only allow their use in our jurisdiction once proper regulations are in...

Bermuda: Ineffective Website

  6 February 2009

If the Bermudian government is sincere about wanting to promote a greater level of transparency, Vexed Bermoothes wants to know: “Umm, then what’s the deal with that creaky-perpetually-out-of-date-and-not-particularly-informative website?”

Bermuda: Good Governance?

  5 February 2009

Vexed Bermoothes thinks that “as the heat is poured onto ‘offshore tax havens’, Bermuda can differentiate itself by improving our ‘good governance’ in the public sector.”

Bermuda: Economic Answers

  4 February 2009

Bermudian Vexed Bermoothes asks: “Do we really have to wait another month for the budget before we get concrete information about Government’s plans to weather this economic storm?”