· August, 2008

Stories about Bermuda from August, 2008

Bermuda, Trinidad & Tobago: Reviving the Federation?

  29 August 2008

Vexed Bermoothes weighs in on the call by Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister for regional territories to move towards economic and political integration: “My advice to Bermuda: stay out of it. As a community, we treasure our cultural and family links to the Caribbean. But there’s little benefit to us...

Bermuda: Open Access

  28 August 2008

“Only bipartisan cooperation will make a dent in many of Bermuda’s problems”: Vexed Bermoothes supports public access to meetings of the parliamentary committee that is currently reviewing educational reform.

Bermuda: War on Drugs

  25 August 2008

The Bermudian government has plans to introduce a SWAT team to tackle the war on drugs, but 21 Square thinks that “cracking down on supply without solving the problem of demand creates a vicious cycle that will only make crime in Bermuda more violent than it already is.” Vexed Bermoothes...

Anguilla, Bermuda: Parental Liability

  25 August 2008

Bermuda considers passing legislation that would make parents liable for the criminal behaviour of their children. Corruption-free Anguilla thinks the idea has merit: “It is what happens or does not happen in the home that decides whether or not a child grows up to be a pillar of society or...

Bermuda: Peace Rally

  18 August 2008

FreshieBlog thinks that Bermuda's upcoming peace rally “will be a positive event”, but warns “that peace rallies won't be sufficient too stop the violence. Criminals need to know that they will be caught and prosecuted, and that requires police & prosecutors.”