· February, 2007

Stories about Bermuda from February, 2007

Bermuda: Blogger picketed

  26 February 2007

Bermudian blogger Christian S. Dunleavy has been the victim of a picketing as a result of views expressed in his newspaper column: “Evidently I was a little too close to the subject matter because a number of people have emailed me with the observation that this guy is so clueless...

Free Kareem: The Caribbean joins in

  24 February 2007

The Caribbean blogosphere tends to focus on internal matters, but the plight of Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem Suleiman struck a chord nevertheless with a few bloggers, including Cuban-American journalist Marc Masferrer, who posts frequently on human rights issues relating to Cuba. On February 19, Masferrer encouraged readers to sign a...

Bermuda: Peeing in a bag?

  2 February 2007

Christian S. Dunleavy traces the source of a Bermuda regiment official's puzzlement over the idea that new regiment recruits are required to “pee in a bag” to the blog of a regiment recruit.