· July, 2009

Stories about Bermuda from July, 2009

Bermuda, Haiti: Standing Up

  29 July 2009

“In the 1980s Bermudians participated in the global anti-Apartheid anti-imperialist movement”: Catch a fire thinks “it is time that our new generation continue this tradition and pick up the mantle of fighting injustices” such the ones in Haiti.

Bermuda, U.K.: Missed Celebrations

  29 July 2009

Repeating Islands reports that Britain's Queen Elizabeth II “skipped yesterday’s celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Britain’s oldest colony after a row with the island’s pro-independence leader”, adding that the island's Premier was also noticeably absent.

Caribbean: On Henry Gates Jr.

  27 July 2009

Caribbean bloggers are still abuzz about the Henry Gates arrest: Jamaican diaspora blogger Pamela Mordecai, 21 Square and Catch a fire from Bermuda and Weblog Bahamas.

Bermuda: The Race Card

  24 July 2009

Bermudian Catch a fire says that neither political party “has an exclusive monopoly on the race card”, claiming that both factions resort to using it.

Bermuda: Crime & Punishment

  23 July 2009

Bermuda's 21 Square takes a look at the country's crime statistics and concludes: “We should be focusing more on improving the justice system rather than worrying about the effectiveness of policing.”

Bermuda: Celebrity Tours

  20 July 2009

As Bermuda introduces “celebrity tours”, 21 Square says: “For those who believe that…tourism can be rejuvenated via exclusivity and prestige, this is horrifying…the absolute opposite direction for Bermuda tourism that we should be taking.”

Bermuda: Thoughts on Capital Punishment

  16 July 2009

“Due to the recent (and not so recent) spate of violent deaths, there has been much talk about the lenience of our laws pertaining to murder and manslaughter”: Bermuda Jewel advocates the reintroduction of capital punishment.

Bermuda: PATI On The Cards

  9 July 2009

The Bermudian Premier has announced that Public Access To Information legislation “will be one of the first topics on the parliamentary schedule in November” – Vexed Bermoothes thinks that “the complete law must be exposed to the public in an advance consultation, and advice solicited from outside experts in freedom...

Bermuda: New Hotel

  1 July 2009

Bermudian bloggers discuss the pros and cons of the proposed construction of a new hotel on the island.