· April, 2007

Stories about Philippines from April, 2007

Religion and Philippine elections

  29 April 2007

Majority of Philippine politicians tolerate the political activities of some Church leaders, especially during election season. This is understandable since many Filipinos remain obedient to the teachings and instructions of religious leaders.

Philippines: Schools Responsibility Too

  19 April 2007

Touched by an Angel feels that the school should have informed the parents of the Virginia Tech shooting suspect as soon as they had come across disturbing material in his creative writing assignment. “My personal view on the matter is that the school should inform the parents if they see...

Vietnam: Working in Vietnam

  13 April 2007

azngamerboi publishes an interview in which he recounts his move from Philippines to Vietnam and talks about the opportunities in Vietnam for expats.

Bahrain: Polygamy as a national duty

We start this week with politics, or rather politicians, and the comments of one particular politician that have riled some of Bahrain's bloggers. An Islamist representative urged Bahraini men (some say in jest) to take four wives (three Bahraini and one foreign) to reduce the number of spinsters in the...

Philippines: Blog Award Winners

  6 April 2007

Mukamo Philippines lists the winners of recently concluded 2007 Philippine Blog Award winners. The awards included categories such as Best Home and Living Blog, Best Socio-Political Blog, Best Podcast, Best Travelblog and Family blog among others.

Internet and Philippine elections

  2 April 2007

Statistics vary on the actual number of internet users in the Philippines. It may range from as low as nine million to a high number of thirty-five million users. This figure is enough to compel politicians to recognize the value of online campaigning. Many candidates who aspire to tap the...