· January, 2007

Stories about Philippines from January, 2007

Philippines: Taho Seller

  31 January 2007

Senor Enrique in Manila introduces us to Jun, a Taho seller. Taho is a popular sweet snack in Philippines and it is made with bean curd, liquefied raw sugar and tapioca balls.

Philippines: Election season begins

  24 January 2007

It’s already election season! Campaigning for midterm elections will begin next month. On May 14, Filipinos will vote for members of Senate, Lower House and local government units. The Administration hopes to keep its majority lead in the Lower House to block a possible impeachment case this year. The Opposition...

Philippines: Prostitution in Philippines And Wikipedia

  17 January 2007

Philippines4Men is asking readers to help expand the wikipedia entry on Prostitution in Phillipines. “My intention for the entry was to provide people certain facts about the illegalities of prostitution in this country and the steps to curb prostitution. I know it may sound hypocritical since this site is about...

Philippines: Getting Tough on Myanmar

  16 January 2007

The Citizen on Mars is surprised but pleased that the Filipino president Glorial Macapagal-Arroyo, who is herself accused of human rights violations, “showed no qualms at all in broaching the very sensitive issue on the discussion table, risking bruised emotions and possibly deteriorating relations among the member nations of the...

Philippine free press under attack

  10 January 2007

Since the fall of Marcos dictatorship in 1986, the Philippine press has been described as one of the freest in the world. But in recent years, various groups have taken notice of the widespread attacks on Philippine media. Many journalists from the provinces have been murdered The government closed down...

Philippines: Filipino Takeover of the Blogosphere

  5 January 2007

Mike Abundo writes about Filipino bloggers taking over some of the visible international blogs. “Filipinos are the best English communicators in Southeast Asia, heartily embracing social media and flat-world economics. Expect more of our best minds to follow these local pioneers to the world stage.”