· February, 2007

Stories about Philippines from February, 2007

Philippines: Celebrity Bloggers

  22 February 2007

Our Awesome Planet lists some of his favorite celebrity blogs from the Philippines. “I admire celebrities who blog and don't let their celebrity status get in the way of self expression. Most of the time I find the celebrities who blog are smart, witty and able to convey what they...

Philippines: GV Author Running for the Congress

  21 February 2007

Mong Palatino, Global Voices author from the Philippines, is contesting in the upcoming elections. He is urging young people to participate in the elections. “Analysts doubt the potency of the youth vote. According to them, the youth will not be a significant force in deciding the outcome of the coming...

Superstars spice up Philippine elections

  21 February 2007

Philippine elections is in danger of being reduced again into a popularity contest. Showbiz actors are running again in the Senate. Politicians from both the Administration and Opposition camps are hiring actors/actresses to endorse their candidacies. Since 1998, TV personalities have been topping the Senate race. Candidates are allotting more...

Philippines: Call for Help for a Fellow Blogger

  14 February 2007

J. Angelo Racoma describes a case where a fellow Filipino blogger Abe is being sued by a company for hosting an online forum on his web hosting business. The forum had some discussion that the company found offensice. The blogger posted details on how others can help Abe.