· June, 2008

Stories about Philippines from June, 2008

Philippines: Callous leadership?

  30 June 2008

Neo Filipino criticizes politicians, including the Philippine president, who visited the US despite the typhoon devastation and ferry tragedy which hit the country last week.

Philippines: Ferry disaster

  23 June 2008

More than 700 are dead or missing after a ship capsized in central Philippines. Talim ng Araw blames the ship owners and coastal guards. Some pictures of the tragedy were uploaded by Ang Umalohokan.

Philippines: Journalists abducted

  16 June 2008

A TV reporter and her crew were abducted in Southern Philippines by armed bandits. Anito Kid blogs about the kidnapping. Molly Stories suggests ways on how to prevent future kidnapping of media personalities

Southeast Asia: Series of unfortunate disasters

  3 June 2008

In the past month, natural disasters hit the Southeast Asian region claiming hundreds of thousands of lives and destroying billions of properties. Bloggers discuss the destructive cyclone in Myanmar, the China earthquake which was felt in Hanoi and Bangkok, two earthquakes in the Sumatra island and the strong typhoon in north Philippines.