· August, 2011

Stories about Philippines from August, 2011

Philippines: Tokay Gecko Hunting Craze

  17 August 2011

In recent months, the hunting of Tokay Geckos has become a craze in the Philippines because of reports that online traders have been buying these lizards for a large amount of money. The hunting started when it was rumored that geckos can help cure asthma and HIV/AIDS. It was recently exposed as a hoax and scam.

Philippines: Uproar over Sorry State of Manila Zoo

  14 August 2011

The sorry state of Manila Zoo caused a stir among Filipino netizens after photos were posted online resulting in the rise of the keywords “Manila Zoo” as a popular trending topic on Twitter last month. A petition was initiated to stop the plan to get more animals for the zoo

Philippines: #Zubiri and #Pimentel hashtags

  3 August 2011

The twitter hashtags #zubiri and #kokopimentel which became global trending topics for several hours refer to Philippine Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri who resigned from the Senate after the cheating allegation against him was revived. Meanwhile, Koko Pimentel is the candidate who accused Zubiri of committing poll fraud