· June, 2006

Stories about Philippines from June, 2006

Philippines: Tourism in Philippines

  30 June 2006

The blogger at pinoysphere invites reader to check out a Philippines tourism video. The bloggers wonders why Philippines does not feature in people's travel plans. “Asian tourist destinations usually featured in Swiss travel brochures and catalogues include Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, and even Laos and Cambodia. The Philippines, inhabited...

Philippines: Freshmen in Campus

  27 June 2006

The new school term has started in Philippines and Rex at the King of Chocolates blog encounters freshmen on his campus. The blogger welcomes the freshies and remembers his first day at the campus.

Philippines: Metro Manila Google Earth Images

  23 June 2006

Urbano dela Cruz is excited by Google Earth's recent updates to Metro Manila images. The blogger links to a Wiki titled Google Earth Philippines where he is inviting others to add more information to the maps.

Philippines: Get Happy, Get Babies

  21 June 2006

Dr. Emer at parallel universes blog is asking Filipino couple who are having a hard time having children to relax. The blogger is pointing to a news article that claims that relaxing and lowering stress helps. The bloggers also talks about the high fertility rate in the Philippines. A comment...

Philippines: Fast Food and Health

  15 June 2006

Dr. Emer at Parallel Universes talks about a consumer group in the US suing a fast food chain for using oil with trans fatty acids that might cause coronary heart diseases. The blogger, concerned about health issues observes the popularity of the same chain in Philippines and says “As they...

Philippines: Classroom Shortage

  12 June 2006

President Arroyo in Philippines suggested doubling the number of students in a class to solve the problem of classroom shortage. Rolly does not agree “Excuse me but is the President that naive? Is this a simple mathematical problem? Why do I sense a famous “eat-cake-because-there=is-no-bread” stance made by a beheaded...

Philippines: Island Biking

  8 June 2006

VillageIdiotSavant blogs about the island life he observed on his bike trip around the Island of Panglao in Philippines.

Philippines: Sex in Advertising

  6 June 2006

The blogger at Touched by an Angel finds a local telecom company's billboard not only irrelevant for the product it is supposed to promote but also distasteful. She wonders why the authorities allow such advertising.

The Philippines: School Memories

  1 June 2006

The blogger at the citizen on mars is looking forward to his son entering elementary school. This also reminds him of a memorable incident from his school days.