· January, 2006

Stories about Philippines from January, 2006

Philippines: Rent Control

31 January 2006

Another Hundred Years Hence, a blog by an urban planner, blames artificially low rents for the degeneration of the Philippines’ capital city: “Want to know why Metro Manila is in a state of disrepair? Five decades of rent control. Want to know why we have squatter colonies? Rent control. Want...

Philippines: PCIJ's Plagiarism

30 January 2006

The problem of people packaging content created by bloggers for profit is becoming a serious one. The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) published and sold a book lifting comics drawn by blogger Happy Vergara. Happy asked another blogger, the Sassy Lawyer, for advice. PCIJ apologized (but not on its...

The Year of the Dog Comes to the Rest of East Asia

  29 January 2006

“Da Hong Deng Long” (Big Red Lantern) by Yining Zhang Blogs all around East and Southeast Asia have gone grey this past weekend as many, particularly those in the overseas Chinese community, celebrate the Lunar New Year. As part of Global Voices Online's continuing celebration of the arrival of the...

Philippines: Growing Up Poor in Wealth

26 January 2006

Note from the peanut gallery says that although surrounded by privilege, he grew up “poor” because his mother wanted to teach him the value of striving.

Philippines: Boxing Victory

23 January 2006

The main topic among Philippine blogs this past weekend was the victorious knockout of Mexican boxer Erik Morales by Filipino Manny Pacquiao. Clickmomukhamo writes a (close-to-literal) blow-by-blow account of the match.

Philippines: Long Day's Journey

20 January 2006

Jessica Zafra is on her way to Utah from Manila for the Sundance Film Festival. Her first adventure: a cancelled flight in Manila that forces her to stay overnight at a cockroach-infested hotel with Filipino immigrants to the U.S. who say “Tell dem we are prom di Istates and we...

Philippines: Palace Walk

17 January 2006

Torn and frayed in Manila has been reading a book about Malacanang Palace, the official residence of Philippine presidents (and formerly of U.S. and Spanish governor-generals). His reactions.

The Moveable Feast: Eat the World in Ten Blogs

  14 January 2006

#1Have you ever wondered how the soldiers in Iraq spent the holiday season?  This is the day when you will get the scoop, first hand by Chairbone Stranger, an American soldier deployed somewhere very dusty in Iraq. His Christmas eve dinner report will leave you speechless, well, at least for...

Philippines: Busy Signal

13 January 2006

Divergent Poles worries that the growth in the supply of educated Filipino graduates can't keep up with booming demand in the “business process outsourcing” industry (i.e. call centers and back office work).

Philippines: My Way or the Highway

11 January 2006

Leon Kilat comments on a warning issued to local judges to refrain from signing “My Way” at karaoke bars: “The song has been blamed for a lot of karaoke-related killings in the Philippines.” Yes. Seriously.

Philippines: Talking Head

5 January 2006

David Byrne of the Talking Heads has written a long, reflective and perceptive portrait of the Philippines. He recently visited Manila and the birthplaces of the Marcoses on a research trip for his planned musical on Imelda Marcos: “Here Lies Love.”

Philippines: Social Divides

3 January 2006

Notes from the Peanut Gallery reflects on the persistence of class divisions among Filipinos, even those abroad: “To a great extent, Filipinos abroad welcome each other. But sadly, in my observation, after a few weeks or months of open arms, many Filipinos revert to the nastiness in their bones. Like...