· September, 2006

Stories about Philippines from September, 2006

Philippines: Darkness after Xangsane

  29 September 2006

Mr. Fuji in Manila describes the situation in downtown Manila in the wake of Typhoon Xangsane. “looking out from my manila hotel room, makati is dark, right to the horizon. it’s eerie to see a city that was full of lights now sleeping. there a little flecks of light here...

Philippines: Typhoon Milenyo

  29 September 2006

Manuel Quezon in Philippines rounds up the typhoon Milenyo stories from the papers and the blogs. The typhoon, knows as Xangsane internationally struck the Philippines on wednesday and is now moving north towards China.

Philippines: Fiesta in San Agustin

  29 September 2006

Ivan Henaras visits the town of San Agustin and attends a fiesta there. The blogger is surprised to find a lost tradition still being practised in San Agustin/ “I was surprised that an old pre-war tradition was still being done in San Agustin. Unlike the current fiestas were we hold...

Philippines: First Online Press Conference

  26 September 2006

An online press conference, a first in Philippine internet history, was held last September 21 when the 34th anniversary of Martial Law was commemorated by Filipinos. The online press forum was conducted by partylist representative Satur Ocampo, a former journalist and political detainee. The event, which was facilitated by Yehey!,...

Philippines: Why no Coup in Philippines?

  21 September 2006

The blogger at Torn and Frayed in Manila compares the political situation in Philippines with Thailand just before the coup. In Philippines also, the people are increasingly fed up with president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo but the president still continues to hold on to power. One of the factor the blogger...

Philippines: Most controversial military general

  18 September 2006

Army Major General Jovito Palparan is implicated in more than a hundred cases of human rights violations. He retired last week from active military service but the government vowed to appoint him soon to continue his anti-communist crusade. Activists accused him of being a “butcher” but President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo praised...

Philippines: Politicians rush to change the Constitution

  10 September 2006

Since July of last year, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has endorsed the proposal to change the 1987 Constitution. The charter change or Cha-Cha drive has divided the nation. On one side, people are supporting Cha-Cha because they seek genuine and much-needed reforms in the government. On the other hand, Cha-Cha...