· July, 2005

Stories about Philippines from July, 2005

Philippines: Gloriagate Forum

22 July 2005

A “Blogging Gloriagate” forum is being organized for August 4 at the University of the Philippines College of Law.

Philippines: Wily, Wily Gloria

20 July 2005

The Sassy Lawyer points out that the Philippine government has all three branches independently investigating the same scandal. In the meantime, Inside PCIJ looks at what the on-going crisis means for US interests.

Ambot ah! » The Pinoy Top Blogs Project

15 July 2005

The Filipino blog Ambot Ah! has launched a new blog service called Pinoy Top Blogs. It's an attempt to try to quantify what the Filipino/a blogger A-List really is…

Blogging in a time of crisis

14 July 2005

Metacoverage of the President Gloria Arroyo scandal: Inside PCIJ does a roundup of many of the Filipino/a blogs that have been closely tracking the Arroyo scandal, as well as several new blogs that have recently sprung up.

Arroyo Scandal

13 July 2005

The Sassy Lawyer has an excellent analysis of the latest developments in the vote-counting scandal engulfing Philippine President Gloria Arroyo.

Arroyo’s approval and trust ratings drop anew

12 July 2005

Inside PCIJ is reporting the perhaps predictable news that Philippine President Gloria Arroyo's approval ratings are plummeting. What's interesting is that the approval ratings of her family are even worse.


  11 July 2005

The latest on the on-going political drama in the Philippines: former president and cultural icon Cory Aquino has called upon President Gloria Arroyo to resign for the good of the country; President Arroyo has flatly refused to step down. In the meantime, the Papal Nuncio has scolded the Philippine Church...

Pacific Rim and East Asia Thursday Blog Roundup

  7 July 2005

Bloggers.sg, Singapore's upcoming blog conference, gets a short write-up in the Straits Times, reports Mr.Brown. Japanpundit reports that, for the first time, an iced green tea beverage will probably beat out Coca-Cola for the number two spot in Japan's soft-drink wars. The number one spot is held by a brand...

Pacific Rim/East Asian Daily Blog Roundup

  5 July 2005

Danwei reports that a state-owned film company's website has been blocked inside China… because they failed to register the site with the Ministry of Information Industries. Fons Tuinstra writes about a Chinese-language group blog that's translating articles from English into Chinese. The Sassy Lawyer announces that she's started writing a...