· October, 2006

Stories about Philippines from October, 2006

Philippines: Reflections on blogging

  27 October 2006

Solar power teaches journalism in the premier state university of the country. While he appreciates the potential of blogging in the democratization process, he underscores the need to filter information from the internet: “These developments can be seen as empowering for people who want to use the Internet to get...

Japan: war crime confession

  24 October 2006

Alexpappas in Japundit blogs about the confession of a 84 years old former Japanese military medic's confession of human torturing during the WWII.

Philippines: Anti-terrorism bill in Congress

  18 October 2006

The Philippine government has certified as urgent the passage of an anti-terrorism bill. The Opposition has expressed alarm that the bill if turned into law would be abused by leaders to quell legitimate dissent. Philippine Commentary disputes the editorial of a Manila newspaper concerning the bill. While the blogger has...

Philippines: The perfect storm

  12 October 2006

More than twenty typhoons enter the Philippines every year. But super typhoon Milenyo (international name: Xangsane) which recently hit the northern part of the country shocked everyone with its ferociousness and the degree of destruction it left along its way. Metro Manila was severely damaged. Power blackouts gripped the Luzon...

Philippines: Photographer's Haven in Manila

  7 October 2006

Senor Enrique in Philippines blogs about a project to turn a busy Manila Street into a photographer's haven. “Only a couple of months ago I posted an entry about an initiative by Jaime Chua along with the Hidalgo Business Organization to gentryfy R. Hidalgo Street — to relocate the street...

Philippines: Dengue outbreak in some provinces

  3 October 2006

Next to malaria, dengue is an important tropical infectious disease which has claimed many lives in the Philippines. The Department of Health identified the dengue hotspots in the country: Metro Manila, Central Luzon and Central Visayas. The government also issued an advisory on the symptoms of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever: “Dengue...

Philippines: Regulating Billboards

  3 October 2006

The blogger at kaLeiDosThoughts feels that advertising billboards should be regulated. Recent typhoon Milenyo caused several of these billboards to fall and one person was killed by a falling billboard.